1 Global warming 

It is generally understood that heat pumps are a possible route to avoiding the massive CO2 emissions associated with heating from natural gas boilers, which is a key challenge of Global Warming.  But the detail is vital.

Assuming 100% efficiency in burning natural gas, the emission of CO2 is around 185 gms for each kWh of heating energy released.  In practice, allowing for all the losses in combustion and use, the average overall efficiency of  better gas boiler systems varies between 65 and 75%.  At an average 70% boiler efficiency, CO2 emissions are therefore, 185/0.7 = 264 gms per kWh of gas boiler heating.

In comparison, ESG patented water heating Air Source Heat Pumps use night rate grid electricity with around 200 gms of CO2 associated with each kWh.  The key feature of the ESG heat pump is it produces around 4.3 kWh of water heating for each kWh of grid electricity used.  This ratio, 4.3 is the Seasonal Performance, SP. At this level, CO2 emission for each kWh of ESG heat pump water heating is 200/4.3 = 47 gms.  This is 82% less than the gas boiler 264 gms/kWh.  In around 5 years, with more renewable electricity generation, savings will rise to over 90%.

2  ESG Air Source Heat Pump, ASHP, water heating cost                     

Based on typical commercial UK tariffs, 2018 night rate grid electricity costs around 7.5 p per kWh.  ESG’s patented Air Source Heat Pump produces 4.3 kWh of water heating for each kWh of grid electricity.  As a result, the ESG cost of hot water at 60C is 7.5/4.3 = 1.7 p/kWh.

This compares with gas costing around 2.4 p/kWh and a boiler with an average overall efficiency of 70%,  Net cost of gas water heating is 2.4/0.7 = 3.4 p/kWh.ESG ASHP water heating cost/kWh at 1.7p is half that of gas at 3.4p/kWh


3  Capital cost of ESG Air Source Heat Pump Hot Water heating systems 

We would be pleased to provide quotations for our commercial Air Source Heat Pump HWS heating systems for new or existing projects, including analysis of running cost savings.

Government Renewable Heat Incentive is available for Air Source Heat Pumps. In some areas, European Regional Development Fund grants are available.