ESG Pool Ventilation

ESG started in 1979, to provide better energy saving control systems for pool ventilation.  Customer demand widened our approach to provide the complete service from design, to all parts of the installation and maintenance.  We have now provided over 400 pool ventilation systems, for all types of pools.

ESG systems provide the highest level of savings from improving the energy saving techniques of variable fresh air, heat recovery and variable rate ventilation.  But also, we have come to recognize the critical importance of air distribution, both for bathers health and energy saving efficiency. Good air distribution has become a key part of our pool ventilation design.

ESG Air Source Heat Pumps

This began in 2011 with the installation of our pool ventilation system alongside third party air source heat pumps for a large domestic indoor pool in Derbyshire. We realised that air source heat pumps could be much more efficient in three key respects, lower condensing temperatures, more efficient heat exchangers and much lower start stop losses.  The last of these is generally not appreciated.

We began to put these ideas into practice at Osprey Leisure Centre, Portland, Dorset and from mid 2015 the ESG Air Source Heat Pumps have continuously provided pool ventilation and pool water heating.  By 2017, development had reached the point where annual gas consumption had fallen by 740,000 kWh, 82% of its 2013 level, while electricity use only increased by 25,000 kWh, 10%. At 2017 prices, the gas saving was £20,600 and the electricity increase £2,800.

In 2015, we made a major breakthrough with our new patented Air Source Heat Pump system for heating hot water.  This cuts the cost the cost of gas fired water heating by around 50% at 2018, gas and electricity prices.