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ESG was formed in 1979 to provide better energy saving control systems for indoor pool ventilation. In response to customer demand the company broadened its approach and now provides the complete ventilation service, planning, design, installation and maintenance. More than 400 pool ventilation systems have been installed and given the company a unique experience to engineer better solutions.

Key achievements are the development of our Variable Fresh Air unit for smaller
pools and the Desiccant Dehumidification Unit for bigger pools. The latter was
selected for the Manchester Commonwealth Games pool and the National Pool for Wales at Swansea. Recognition of the outstanding performance of our desiccant system came from the Carbon Trust report on pool ventilation systems, which ranked our installation at Halewood Leisure Centre first in a list of “the best technologies ranked in order of efficiency, technical and financial performance”.

Engineering innovation to provide better pool ventilation systems is our core aim. We have patented systems that control humidity set point to avoid condensation at lower cost. Our patented system for combining the ventilation for both the pool hall and changing rooms from a single ventilation unit, ensures that soiled air is directly exhausted to atmosphere without recirculation. Most importantly, and we believe uniquely, all parts of our systems now operate at less than 60% Rh, which ensures minimal corrosion and a life of more than 25 years.

Energy Conservation and reduced CO2 emissions, without energy conservation, are the top priority in our designs. Gas and electricity for a medium sized pool ventilation system can cost more than £100,000 per year and emit more than 1,000 tons of CO2. ESG systems cut the cost of pool ventilation by 80% compared to a system without energy conservation.

ESG serves its customers by providing……

A complete service including design, installation, commissioning and maintenance

In house building of air handling units, dehumidifiers and control panels
for lowest cost

A free survey and report on the refurbishment of existing pool ventilation systems

A complete new pool service for architects, engineers and operators