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Soaring costs are a stark reminder of the importance of energy conservation. In the nineties gas cost some local authorities as little as 0.6 p per kilowatt hour. Today, it is fast approaching 3.0p per kilowatt hour. But at least with pool ventilation costs there is an answer. Invest in energy conservation with pay back periods that are well ahead of interest rates.

The annual pool ventilation cost for a typical 25 metre long 6 lane pool without energy conservation is around £55,000. With an ESG system and a pool cover, this cost can be reduced by 80% to £11,000, a cut in CO2 of 330 tons.

Global Warming can only be brought under control by major reductions in the emissions of CO2. Savings of the order of 80% can be achieved with ESG systems.

The Carbon Trust is an independent body sponsored by government to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In its recent report on swimming pool ventilation it analysed the performance of eight pools ventilation systems and placed the ESG desiccant system at Halewood Leisure Centre first in a list of “the best technologies ranked in order of efficiency, technical and financial performance”. It is worth noting that the running costs at Halewood were

22% less than the next best pool,
60% less than the least efficient
47% less than the average.
ESG are pleased to receive such a powerful endorsement.

Sustainability matters. It is vital that energy saving systems have a long life and low maintenance costs, or the original investment fails. ESG has made a unique contribution to the long life of pool ventilation systems by designing them so that dry conditions are always maintained in all its parts.